Edith Londors (b. 1861) and Albert Londors (b. 1866)

For the sake of completeness, I’m writing in this post about two more of the children of my great-great-grandfather John Schofield Londors, even though I have limited information about them.

Edith Londors was born in Barking, Essex, in the last quarter of 1861. She was the fourth of the seven children of John Schofield Londors and Sarah Ann Brown. At the time of the 1871 census, when she was 9 years old, Edith was living with her parents and siblings at St. Swithins Road, Barkingside.

Ten years later, when she was 18, Edith could be found living with her older sister Sarah, Sarah’s husband William Orgar and their son Ernest, at 8 Upper Dorset Street, Marylebone. Edith is not described in the census record as a visitor, so it’s possible she was living with the Orgars on a longer-term basis. However, no occupation is given for her. As I noted in an earlier post, the census record is curious in that it spells Edith’s surname ‘Launders’, and uses the same spelling (though it could be mistaken for ‘Saunders’) for the family sharing No. 8 with the Orgars.

Victorian houses in Dorset Street, Marylebone, today (from Google Maps)

Three years later, in the first quarter of 1884, an ‘Edith Londers’ was married in the Romford area. This is almost certainly ‘our’ Edith, but as yet I don’t have any information about her spouse or where they can be found after this date.

Albert Londors was born in Barking in the second quarter of 1866. He was John and Sarah Londors’ sixth child. In 1871, at the age of 4, Albert can be found living with his parents and siblings in St. Swithins Road. Ten years later, when he is 14, Albert is still living with his parents, in a cottage at Shattmans Farm, Hattons Corner, and is already working alongside his father and brother George as an agricultural labourer. He and George are still with their parents, in St Swithins Cottages, and doing the same work, in 1891, when both are in their early twenties.

Victorian navvies

It would appear that Albert Londors never married. In 1901, when he was 34 years old, he was living with his brother George and his family at 9 Roding Cottages, Ilford. At this date, Albert was working as a navvy.

I’ve been unable to locate Albert in the 1911 census, but nor have I come across any record of his death.

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