Between his baptism in Auchterless, Aberdeenshire, on 16 December 1779 and his marriage to Margaret Ricketts Monteith at St. Mungo’s, Glasgow on 15 October 1802, when he was 22 years old, we have no records for my great-great-great-grandfather Charles Edward Stuart Robb.

We know nothing, for example, about Charles’ schooling, though he must have received some in order to pursue his career as an accountant, engraver and solicitor’s clerk. Nor do we know how he earned his living before he was married, though given these later occupations, it seems likely he was employed as a clerk of some kind. And although we don’t know for sure where Charles Robb lived and worked before he married, it seems almost certain that he moved to Glasgow at a young age, and that this is how he met his future wife, Margaret.

Glasgow in the late 18th century

What’s more, we can speculate that it may have been the presence of an older brother in the city, moreover one who appears to have done well for himself in business, that drew Charles there. George Robb, born ten years before Charles in 1769, appears to have been a successful Glasgow merchant, and I’ve often wondered if it was he who lured my 3 x great grandfather south to the bustling merchant city. I also wonder if it was through George, and his connections with the merchant and manufacturing families of Glasgow, that Charles met his future wife Margaret Monteith.

In the next few posts, I plan to renew my acquaintance with George Robb, Glasgow merchant, and his family, and to relate in a more orderly fashion the story of their lives that I tried to piece together in a number of earlier posts.