In the last post I wrote about Penelope Thomson, the first wife of Glasgow merchant George Robb (born 1769), who was the older brother of my 3 x great grandfather Charles.

To understand the later history of this branch of the Robb family, it’s important to know something about the other members of the Thomson family, since the two families’ stories overlap in various ways. In this post I’ll set down what we know about Penelope’s half-brother Henry.

Henry Thomson was born in Glasgow in about 1785, the youngest child of saddler John Thomson. His mother’s name might have been Marion Leitch.

We know that Henry worked as a (law) ‘writer’ or clerk, and that on 7 April 1810 he married Jean or Jane Sharp. Henry was living in Hillhead, at the time. This was also the address given for his father John, at the time of Penelope’s marriage to George Robb five years earlier, so it’s reasonable to assume that the Thomsons were an established family in this part of Glasgow. The parish register gives Jean’s address, but I’ve been unable to decipher it so far.

A map of Glasgow and surrounding area in 1818 (by Lizars, W. & D., engravers)

A little more than a year later, on 8 November 1811, Henry and Jean Thomson’s first child, John, was born. It’s unclear where they were living at the time, but since they would be in Hillhead three years later, on 1 January 1814, when their second child, Jane Sharp Thomson, was born, it’s reasonable to assume they were in the same area.

In 1819 Henry Thomson acted as a witness at the baptism of John Young, the son of his sister Penelope by her second husband, also John Young.

I’m not sure when Henry died but I’ve been unable to find him in the 1841 census and he was certainly dead by the time of the 1851 court case over the disputed will of his sister Elizabeth.