Discovering that the name of Glasgow saddler John Thomson’s second wife was Elizabeth Robb has enabled me to track down the inventory of his estate, which includes details of his death. (A quick recap: John was the father of Penelope Thomson, first wife of Glasgow merchant George Robb, who I believe was the brother of my 3 x great grandfather Charles).

John Thomson died on 11 April 1818 at Morton Bank near Glasgow (if anyone can tell me where this was, I’d be grateful: I haven’t managed to locate it on a map to date). He died intestate but his effects were valued at £265 12s 2d.

Ramshorn Cemetery, Glasgow

This information has helped me to find the record of John’s burial, which took place on 16 April 1818 in Glasgow. Apparently the cause of death was ‘old age’ and we learn that John was 77 when he died, which makes it possible to date his birth to around 1741. This means that he was 24 years old when he married Penelope McLachlan in 1765 and 42 when he married Elizabeth Robb in 1783 (if indeed she is the Elizabeth who was the daughter of Glasgow bookseller John Robb: of which more another time).

Like other members of the family, John was buried in ‘John Thomson’s lair’, which I believe was in the Ramshorn kirkyard in Glasgow.