In this latest post about the children of Joseph Bowman (1836 – 1893), I’m summarising what we know about his daughter Mary Ann, who was born in 1863 in Thomas Place, Stepney. Like her sister Sophia, Mary Ann worked as a tailoress, and she lived with her father and stepmother Jessie in Mile End Old Town until at least her late twenties.

On 18 February 1895, when she was 32, Mary Ann married bus driver Joseph Sales, son of greengrocer Thomas Sales, at Holy Trinity church, Stepney. At the time she was living at 102 Bridge Street and Joseph at 57 Maplin Street.

Holy Trinity church, Stepney

The marriage register mistakenly describes Joseph as a bachelor, whereas in fact he had been married before, to barmaid Emily McDermott, and they had three children together. I’ve not yet found a record for Emily’s death, but I assume it was in 1893-4.

The 1901 census finds Mary Ann and Joseph living at 2 Mossford Street, Mile End Old Town, with Joseph’s children from his first marriage: Josephine, 11, Joseph, 10, and Dorothy, 8.

I’ve yet to find the Sales family in the 1911 census, but I know that Mary Ann died in 1913, at the age of 50, and Joseph in 1916, at the age of 52, both in Mile End Old Town.