In a recent post I speculated about the possible first marriage of my great-great-great-grandfather, John Londors. (John, a farm labourer, was born in 1786 in Woodford, Essex, and married his second wife, Mary Ann Schofield, in Barking in 1826. Their son, John Schofield Londors, was my great-great-grandfather. His grandson George John was my maternal grandfather.)

I noted that I’d found a record in the archives of St Margaret’s church, Barking, of the marriage on 2 April 1815 of John Landrey and Elizabeth Eliza Plane. I had also came across records of the christening of John, son of John and Elizabeth Landers (or possibly Londers) on 26 April 1816, the burial of the infant John Launders on 19 January 1817, and the death of Elizabeth Launders, age 23, on 20 October 1816. Given the variant spellings of the family name at this period, it seemed possible that Elizabeth was John’s first wife, that she died not long after giving birth to their only son John, and that the latter died in infancy.

However, I remained unconvinced until I received a comment from Phyllis Wells, a descendant of John Londors’ daughter Elizabeth (1832 – 1901), who married George Smith. Phyllis is in possession of a Londors family Bible which mentions an Elizabeth Eliza Landrey, born on 18 December 1872. This would fit with Elizabeth Eliza Plane’s age at the time of her marriage to John Londors.

19th century map of Weeley, Essex

I also received a message via Ancestry from Malcolm Spencer, whose wife is descended from George Plane, who seems to have been the brother of the Elizabeth Eliza who married John Londors/Landers/Landrey. George and Elizabeth were apparently among the children of another George Plane and his wife Mary Lamb, who lived in Weeley, near Colchester, Essex, and had at least nine children, of whom Elizabeth was the second. Malcolm’s family tree gives Elizabeth Eliza Plane’s date of birth as 12 January 1793, but I assume this was the date of her baptism and that the date in the family Bible is the date of her actual birth.