The marriage of John Orgar and Sarah Anne Schofield: 30 September 1817

I’m grateful to Andy Phillips, who is researching the Orgar family, for providing confirmation of my hunch about the connection between the Orgar and Schofield families. Mary Ann Schofield (1802 – 1887) was my great-great-great-grandmother: she married my 3 x great grandfather, John Londors (1785 – 1876) in Barking in 1826. I had come to believe that Mary’s older sister Sarah Anne (born in 1798) married tobacco pipe maker John Orgar, and that this marriage helped to explain the multiple connections between the Londors, Schofield and Orgar families.

Andy has found a record in the International Genealogical Index for the marriage between John Orgar and Sarah Schofield at Wanstead on 30 September 1817. This would fit perfectly with our existing information. Sarah and John would both have been 19 at this date, and we know that their first child, another John Orgar, was born some time in 1818.

St Mary the Virgin, Wanstead in 1794

The location of the wedding is something of a mystery. Although Wanstead is only a few miles from Barking, we know that Sarah was born in Barking, her parents lived there, and her first child John would be born there. Perhaps there was a historical connection between the Schofields and the parish, which I assume was that of St. Mary the Virgin.

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