My last post included a transcription of the will of Sarah Gibson (1746 – 1790), the unmarried daughter of my 6 x great grandparents Lieutenant John and Mary Gibson. The will repeats some of the information contained in Mary Gibson’s will about the Gibson family’s financial ties to Sir John Henniker, baronet, the merchant and member of Parliament who purchased Woodredon House in Waltham Abbey from them, and who supplied the mortgage for their property in Little Distaff Lane, London, which was used as a ‘sugar house’.

The will also provides new information about the children of Sarah’s younger brother, East India Company merchant Bowes John Gibson. We already knew about his daughter Esther, who receives special mention here, but the will also refers to two children – Edmond Affleck and Elizabeth – of whom I wasn’t previously aware. In fact, while searching for information about these two, I came across yet more children of Bowes John Gibson, and I’ll write about them in another post. Incidentally, the Thomas Lay who is the first-named witness to the will is almost certainly the person of that name who married Esther Gibson at St Dunstan’s church, Stepney, in September 1790, a month before Sarah Gibson’s death. Again, I’ll share what I’ve found out about Esther and her family on another occasion.

Perhaps the most significant item of information in Sarah Gibson’s will, from my perspective, is the mention of her sister, my 5 x great grandmother Elizabeth Holdsworth, and specifically the name of her second husband, Joseph. The inclusion of Joseph’s name is further evidence that Elizabeth Holdsworth nee Gibson, sister of Sarah and daughter of John and Mary Gibson, is indeed my ancestor.