Thanks to the excellent online subscription service at Essex Archives Online, I’ve been able to discover important new information about my Londors ancestors.

My mother’s maiden name was Joyce Alma Londors: she’s the daughter of the late George John Londors (1896 – 1961) and Minnie Louisa Roe (1902- 1987). My maternal grandfather came from a long line of Barking farm workers: he was the son of another George Londors (1863 – 1934), who in turn was the son of John Schofield Londors (1827 – 1915).

John Schofield Londors was the son of John Londors (1785 – 1876) and Mary Ann Schofield (1802 – 1887). Mary was John senior’s second wife: they were married in 1826. His first wife was Elizabeth Eliza Plane, whom he married in 1815.

Woodford parish church in the 19th century

We know from census records that John was born in Woodford, Essex, in 1785-6. Some months ago, I noted that a distant relative had sent me a copy of a page from the Londors family Bible, which appeared to include a note by John Londors of his date of birth: 15 July 1785.

Searching the parish register of the church of St Mary the Virgin, Woodford, I’ve discovered that John and Hannah Landors had a son, John Felix, christened there on 7 August 1785. The same couple also appear to have had three daughters: Mary Elizabeth, christened on 30 March 1783; Mary Anne, 21 March 1784; and Elizabeth, 7 August 1787. There are no records of any other children born to John and Hannah between 1766 and 1812.

Baptisms in Woodford parish register in 1785, with entry for John Felix Landors at foot of page

The variation in the spelling of their surname need not concern us. As I’ve noted before, my 3 x great grandfather spelt his name as ‘Landors’ in the family Bible, and this was the spelling used by the parish clerk recording his marriage to Mary Ann Schofield. When John married his first wife Elizabeth, the surname looks more like Landery. In fact, the spelling of the family name did not stabilise until the next generation, presumably as a result of increasing literacy.

From these Woodford records, I’ve learned the names of my 4 x great grandparents (John and Hannah), the middle name (Felix) of my 3 x great grandfather (which might help us to trace even earlier relatives), and the names of his three sisters. I’ve been unable to find any record of the marriage of John and Hannah at Woodford between 1774 and 1812, suggesting that they might have been married elsewhere and then moved to Woodford.

18th century farm workers

I’ve written before about the John Londors of Spitalfields who married Hannah Ackerley. The date of their marriage – December 1782 – would fit with the birth of Mary Elizabeth Landors in Woodford in 1783 (as long as we assume that Hannah was pregnant at the time of their marriage). Is it possible that these were my 4 x great grandparents, and that they either moved to Woodford after their marriage in Spitalfields, or they had a reason for returning to London for this event? What’s more, we know that the John Londors who married Hannah fin 1783 was widowed (he married for a second time, to Sarah Reeves, also in Spitalfields) in 1792: might this explain the absence of records for Hannah after 1787?  The Woodford parish register records the burial of a Hannah Landy on 4 July 1790, though this spelling seems a bit ‘off’, even for my Londors / Landors ancestors.