The burial of William Holdsworth in Woodford: September 1827

In the last post, I wrote about my discovery of new information about my Londors ancestors in the parish registers for Woodford, Essex. But there are Woodford connections on the other side of my mother’s family, too. Back in the summer, I mentioned my discovery of confirmation that my 4 x great grandparents William and Lydia Holdsworth moved to Woodford from Whitechapel towards the end of their lives.

My subscription to Essex Archives Online  has now enabled me to locate a burial record for William. His funeral was at the parish church of St Mary the Virgin on 20 September 1827. I’m fairly sure this is the right person, even though the register says he was 53 years old, when we know that ‘our’ William would have been 56, having been born in 1771. The burial date fits with the ‘proving’ of his will on 24 September.

From the parish register of St Mary the Virgin, Woodford, Essex

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