In an earlier post, I reported some new findings about William and Sarah Schofield of Barkingside, Essex, who were my great-great-great-great-grandparents. Their daughter Mary Ann (1802 – 1887) married John Felix Londors (1785 – 1876), and their great grandson George John Londors (1896 – 1961) was my maternal grandfather.

We now know that William Schofield was the son of Thomas Schofield (died 1809) and his wife Sarah, though I’ve yet to find a record of the marriage or information about their origins (there is no trace of them in the Barking parish registers before William’s birth). William was born in Barking in 1769 and seems to have been the eldest of three children: his sister Sarah was born in 1772, and I’ve recently discovered the existence of a younger brother, James, born in 1779.

St Margaret's church, Barking, interior

We know that William Schofield’s wife, yet another Sarah, was a widow when they married at St Margaret’s, Barking, in 1797 (when William would have been 28 years old). Sarah’s surname was Hone, and from later census records we learn that she was born in Aldgate in about 1769 or 1770. In my earlier post, I wondered whether Hone was her maiden name, or the surname of her first husband. Initial searches discovered a number of Sarah Hones born in East London at around the right date, but none in Aldgate.

I’ve now gone back to the records to search for someone with the name Sarah, who was born in Aldgate in about 1769/70, and was married before 1797 to a man with the surname Hone. My search led me to the marriage of Joseph Hone and Sarah Stallard in December 1787 at St Dunstan’s, Stepney. If this is ‘our’ Sarah, then she would have been about 18 years old.

Bride and groom are both said to be living in Mile End Old Town at the time of their marriage. However, if we search for records for the birth of Sarah Stallard, the most likely candidate is the person of that name who was christened at St Botolph, Aldgate, on 2 September 1770. This Sarah was the daughter of William and Mary Stallard of Maudlins Rents: coincidentally, the street where someone from another branch of my mother’s family tree – Captain Michael Bonner – had been born thirty seven years earlier.

Part of East Smithfield, including Cooper(s) Court, from Horwood's 1792 map (see below)

Sarah’s father William must have died some time before 1784. The archive of Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams for St Botolph’s parish, which can be searched at the London Lives website, notes that on 11 December 1784:

Mary Stallard the widow of William Stallard deced maketh oath that divers years ago her Said late husband lived in & rented a house the Corner of Coopers Court upper East smithfield in the parish of St Botolph without Aldgate in the Sd County & was Charged to & paid Poors Rates for the Same as he has informed this Depont & which She believes to be true That her Sd husband to her knowledge or belief did not afterwards do any Act to gain a Subsequent Settlement elsewhere That She this Deponent was lawfully married to her Sd husband & Since his death hath not done any Act to gain a Settlement for herself.

I’ve only found evidence of one child born to Joseph and Sarah Hone. Sarah Hone junior was baptized on Christmas Day 1793 at St George in the East. Her father Joseph is described as a caulker – apparently someone who filled up cracks in ships or windows. The Hones’ address is difficult to make out, but is possibly Glebe Church Lane.

Whether this child survived, and when and where her father Joseph died, is not yet apparent. Nor do we know how (if this is indeed the right person) when and why his widow Sarah made her way from Stepney to Barking (if indeed they didn’t move there before his death). All we can say is that the route between the East End and this part of Essex seems to have been well-trodden at this period.  For example, John Orgar, who would marry William and Sarah Schofield’s daughter Sarah in 1817, was born in Mile End Old Town in 1798.

Sarah Schofield’s origins in Aldgate, and her possible first marriage, provide another possible aid to understanding the multiple connections between my Barking ancestors and the Stepney area.