More about the Barlows

It seems fairly certain that William Barlow, patten-maker of Compton Street, Soho, was the father of Jane Barlow, the first wife of my 4 x great-grandfather James Blanch. William’s will of 1778 provides information about the marriages of two other daughters, Hannah and Mary, who married coach-maker Henry Davis and cheesemonger Thomas Gatton respectively. Now Jan Addison has kindly sent me additional information about the marriages of William Barlow’s two remaining daughters, Ann and Margaret.

The parish church of St Marylebone

Ann Barlow married Simon Sharpe at the church of St Marylebone, Westminster, on 6 December 1780. The witnesses were her sister Margaret and her brother-in-law Henry Davis, husband of her sister Hannah. Simon Sharpe was born in Witney, Oxfordshire .

Two and a half years later, on 23 April, 1783, Margaret Barlow married Charles Lees at the same church. The witnesses were her sisters Hannah Davis and Mary Gatton.

Although we can’t be sure, it’s possible that Henry Lees and Charles Abbott Lees, born in 1784 and 1785 respectively, were their sons. The offspring of Charles and Margaret Lees, both children were baptised at the church of St Margaret, Edgware. It may not be entirely coincidental that Maria Blanch, Margaret’s niece and the daughter of Jane Barlow and James Blanch, would marry John Rodbard of Little Stanmore, near Edgware.

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  1. Linda says:

    Can you please contact me direct regarding Hannah Barlow and Henry Davis. I may have information of interest to you

    Kind regards

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