To help me keep track of my emerging Byne family tree, I’ve drawn up a timeline of the births, marriages and deaths of my direct ancestors – and put them in the context of key national events. A reminder: Mary Byne and Joseph Greene were my maternal 7 x great grandparents, John and Alice Byne my 8 x great grandparents, and so on back to William and Joan Byne, my 12 x great grandparents.

1547 Death of Henry VIII, accession of Edward VI 

1550 (?) Edward Byne (son of William and Joan) born, Burwash, Sussex

1553 Death of Edward VI, accession of Queen Mary Tudor

1558 Death of Mary, accession of Elizabeth I

1559 William Byne dies, Burwash

1575 Joan Byne, widow of William, dies, Burwash

Edward Byne marries Agnes Fowle, Mayfield, Sussex

1586 Stephen Byne (son of Edward) born, Burwash

1603 Death of Elizabeth I, accession of James I

1611 Stephen Byne marries Mary Manser

1613 Edward Byne dies, Burwash

1615 Magnus Byne (son of Stephen and Mary) born, Burwash

Death of James I, accession of Charles I

1626 Agnes Byne dies, Burwash

1640 Magnus Byne marries Anne Chowne, Clayton, Sussex

1642 Beginning of English Civil War 

1649 Execution of Charles I

1651 John Byne (son of Magnus and Anne) born, Clayton

1660 Restoration of monarchy under Charles II

1661 Anne Byne dies, Clayton, aged 50

1662 Magnus Byne marries Sarah Bartlett

1664 Stephen Byne dies, Burwash, aged 77

1671 Magnus Byne dies, Clayton, aged 60

1675 John Byne marries Alice (Forest?)

1683 Mary Byne (daughter of John and Alice) born, London

1685 Death of Charles II, accession of James II 

1689 James II deposed, accession of William and Mary

1701 Mary Byne marries Joseph Greene, London

1702 Accession of Queen Anne