My last post included a transcription of the will of Captain Boulton Esquire Junior, a retired East India Company officer, who died in 1745. In this post I want to discuss what the will tells us about the extended Boulton family.

The East India Company, by Thomas Rowlandson (1808)

The East India Company, by Thomas Rowlandson (1808)

The will confirms that Bridget Boulton, described as a sister by Richard’s uncle, Richard Boulton of St Olave Hart Street, in his will of 1737, was in his fact his sister-in-law. This later will informs us that Bridget was the mother not only of Richard Boulton Junior but also of the William Boulton mentioned in the earlier will, meaning that they were brothers. We can also conclude that Bridget’s husband died before 1737, since she is described here as a widow, nor is he referred to in the earlier will.

As in other wills of this period, the loose usage of terms like ‘cousin’ can be confusing. Richard Boulton Junior uses this word to describe Richard Crabb and his brother Henry, both of whom later added the surname Boulton to their own, and also their mother Esther, who I believe was actually his aunt.

This will also confirms that Peter Boulton, uncle to the younger Richard and brother to the elder, was the husband of the Posthuma mentioned in the earlier will. Alice Biggleton and her husband William are also mentioned in both wills: in this later will we learn that William worked as a surgeon.

Eighteenth-century surgeon

Eighteenth-century surgeon

The reference to Mrs Mary Lewes is curious. Richard Boulton had described her in his will as his sister, so I assume she must be the widow of a Mr Lewes and that her maiden name was Boulton. However, in this later will she is described as a spinster, which must surely be an error.

Richard leaves money to Walter and Mary Gibbs of Bath. From the will of Peter Boulton, which I’ll discuss in another post, we know that Mary was his granddaughter and that her husband Walter was an apothecary.

As for ‘my cousin John Jemblin of Evesham’: I find the Evesham connection interesting, mainly because William Forrest, the brother of my 9 x great grandfather Thomas Forrest, who mentions various members of the Boulton family in his own will, lived not far from Evesham in the village of Badsey. I believe I’ve found the will of John Jemblin’s father and will have more to say about this family in another post.

The late-18th century Perdiswell Hall

The late-18th century Perdiswell Hall, Worcester

A final note on Perdiswell, to which Richard Boulton Junior had retired by the time he wrote his will. This is an area to the north of the city of Worcester, the site of Perdiswell Hall. However, this Georgian house was not actually built until 1787, coincidentally (?) by another retired East India Company officer named Henry Wakeman, son of the mayor of Worcester. There seems to have been an earlier manor house on the site, but I haven’t been able to discover whether this was the home of Richard Boulton.