I’ve solved the mystery of Elizabeth Collibee’s identity. In yesterday’s post, I reported that I’d found the person whom Captain Richard Boulton the elder describes, in a memorandum to his will of 1737, as ‘my Niece Collibye’. She was Elizabeth, wife of Edward Bushell Collibee, apothecary, alderman, and sometime Mayor of Bath. However, at the time I hadn’t been able to discover Elizabeth’s precise connection with the Boulton family.

The Four Bath Worthies (Anonymous, c. 1735) via buildingofbathcollection.org.uk

The Four Bath Worthies (Anonymous, c. 1735) via buildingofbathcollection.org.uk

Then, looking back through old posts, I remembered the barely legible marginal note alongside the will of James Jemblin, citizen and salter of London, who died in 1723 and whose son John is described in Richard Boulton’s will as a nephew. Written in 1765, the note recorded the fact that parts of Jemblin’s will had been left unadministered by his executors, all of them now deceased. As a consequence, administration of James Jemblin’s remaining property was passed to his daughter Elizabeth. When I first wrote about this will, I mis-read Elizabeth’s husband’s name as Edward Colliver, but examining the note again I could see that it was actually Collibee.

St Dunstan's in the East (via www.shape-shift.co.uk)

St Dunstan’s in the East (via http://www.shape-shift.co.uk)

So it was Elizabeth Jemblin, sister of John Jemblin and daughter of James Jemblin, who married Edward Bushell Collibee of Bath. Born in 1710 and christened at the church of St Dunstan in the East in the City of London, Elizabeth was (like her brother John) the product of her father James’ first marriage, to Grace, who died shortly after Elizabeth was born, or perhaps in childbirth. If my current theory about the Boulton family is correct, then Elizabeth was actually Captain Richard Boulton’s great niece rather than his niece. I believe that her mother Grace was the sister of Hester Crabb, another niece of Boulton’s, and that they were both the daughters of Thomas Saunders of Moor, near Fladbury in Worcestershire. My working hypothesis is that Thomas Saunders married one of the sisters of Richard Boulton.