My 12 x great grandparents, William and Joan Byne of Burwash, Sussex, had five children who survived to adulthood.

Margaret or Margery Byne was probably the eldest, as she seems to have married first. She married Goddard Russell of Salehurst in 1551. According to her brother Anthony’s will she had a son named Thomas and was still alive in 1590.

Edward Byne, my 11 x great grandfather, married Agnes Fowle, only daughter of Magnus Fowle of Mayfield. I’ve just found their marriage in the database of Sussex marriages: it took place in Mayfield on 24th October 1575, which is a couple of years later than I had previously thought.

Anthony Byne married Joan and lived in Battle. According to Anthony’s will, they had a son named Edward. Anthony Byne died in 1590.

Symon Byne married Elinor Pudland  on 25th October 1574 at Burwash. Elinor was the daughter of Richard Pudland of Heathfield, who died in 1577. Symon and Elinor had the following children: Edward (born and died in 1584), William (born 1586/7), John (born 1589, died 1590), Thomas (born 1590), Joan (apparently non compos mentis, died 1625), and another John. Elinor died in 1608 and Symon in 1616. Richard Pudland also had a daughter named Denis or Dionysia who married Symon’s cousin, John Byne (the son of his uncle Richard Byne).

Jane Byne married Henry Foster. She was still living in 1590.