My recent posts have traced my Sussex Byne ancestors from the early sixteenth to the mid-seventeenth century. Before moving on, it might be useful to provide a summary of these three generations in this branch of my maternal family tree (italics indicate my direct ancestors):

First generation

William Byne (died 1559) and Joan had the following children:

Margery or Margaret Byne (alive in 1590) married Goddard Russell 

Edward Byne (died 1614) married Agnes Fowle 

Anthony Byne of Battle (died 1591) married Joan 

Symon Byne (died 1516) married Elinor Pudland

Jane Byne (alive in 1590) married Henry Foster 

Second generation

Edward Byne (died 1614) and Agnes Fowle (died 1626) had the following children:

Magnus Byne of Framfield (1576 – 1647) married (i) Elizabeth Polhill (ii) Bathshua Newington (iii) Elizabeth Manser née Byne 

William Byne (1579 – 1628)

Edward Byne (1581 – 1647) married Dorothy Alchorne (died 1656) 

Stephen Byne (1586 – 1664) married Mary Manser 

John Byne (1589 – 1616)

Third generation 

Stephen Byne (1586 – 1664) and Mary Manser had the following children:

Elizabeth Byne (1614 – 1639) married Gregory Markwick 

Magnus Byne (1615 – 1671) married (i) Anne Chowne (ii) Sarah Bartlet

John Byne (1617 – 1662) married Elizabeth Coney

Mary (born 1620, living 1662)

Edward (1623 – 1683) married Martha Radford

Stephen (1632 – 1691) married (i) Ann Peckham (ii) Alice Heathfield