My analysis of the Chancery case involving my 12 x great grandparents, Magnus and Alice Fowle confirmed that Alice was the daughter of Richard Lucke of Mayfield, and that he had an uncle Thomas Lucke who was curate at Lythington or Litlington at the time of his death in 1551. I’m in the process of ordering a copy of Thomas’ will from the East Sussex Record Office, and I’m hopeful that it will reveal more details about Alice’s family of origin.

Countryside near Mayfield, Sussex (via http://media.rightmove.co.uk)

Countryside near Mayfield, Sussex (via http://media.rightmove.co.uk)

In the meantime, I’ve turned my attention to another Lucke family will from the same period, for which probate was granted in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and thus is available via Ancestry. John Lucke of Mayfield died in 1549 and certain details of the will lead me to believe that he was related in some way to Alice Fowle née Lucke. For example, one of the witnesses is a certain John Mone. In his own will of 1595, Magnus Fowle left two shillings and two pence to ‘my godsone Magnus Mone’. It seems likely that the Mones were related to the Fowle/Lucke family in some way, and that Magnus Mone was named after his godfather. Another witness to John Lucke’s 1549 will was ‘Richard Lukk’: was this Alice’s father? A third witness turns out to be William Penkhurst, presumably the same man who, with Robert Holden, was the subject of the complaint by Magnus and Alice Fowle in their Chancery case.

I’m posting my transcription of John Lucke’s will below and I’ll discuss its contents in more detail in another post. 

In the name of god Amen The xyvth [?] daye of October in the yere of our Lord god a Thousand five hundredth xxxvith [?] I John Lucke of Maughfield in the county of Sussex thelder hole of mynde and of memorie make my testament and Last will in manner and forme following ffirst I give and bequeath my soule to Almightie god our lady saynt Mary and all the glorious company of heaven, my body to be buryed in the churchyard of sainte dunstone at Maughfield. Item I give to the high aultir ther for my tithes & oblacions [??] forgotten or withholden lyd [?]. Item I bequeath to the light of the [??] withsaid church lcyd. Item to our mother church of seynt ayngell of Southemallinge vyd. Item I bequeathe towarde the […] of the saide church of Maughfield three pounds xcys xyd. Item I bequeathe to every of my god children vyd. Item I bequeathe to Johanne my wyfe all my brasse pinster [?] and bedding and all my lyning and molin clothe and my cubbard and and all my chests and coffers. Item I bequeathe to the said Johanne my wife foure tynn [?] of the best at her choice. Item I bequeathe to Cristian my daughter a haffer bullock of thage of two yeres and the [???] The residue of all my godes not bequeathed my debts Legacies and bequests p[er]formyd contentyd satisfied and paid I give and bequeath to Thomas Newnem and Richard Maynard whome I constitute and make my Executores.

This ys the laste wyll of me the above namyd John Lucke made the day & yere above written ffirst my mind is that Thomas Newnem and his heyres shalhave the tenements and all the landes therto belonging both freehold and copyholde holding of my lorde of Canterbery. To have and to holde all the [???] [???] and landes [?] to the saide Thomas and Johann my daughter his wyfe to thiyres and assignes of the said Thomas Item I will that Richard Maynard shall have therefrom of all my lands holding of the Manor of Sharniden To have and to hold all the saide landes holdings of the said Manor of Sharniden to the said Richard and Isabell my daughter his wyf and to totheyres and assignes of the said Richard Morcord [?] I will that the said Thomas Newnem & Richard Maynard theire heyres and assignes shall paye or cause to be paid to Johanne my wyfe during all the time of her lyfe Twenty shillings by the yere at foure [?] principall Feasts of the yere by equall porcions to be paide in manner and forme folowing, that ys to saye the saide Thomas to paye yerely xys vyd of the said xxs, and the said Richard maynard lys lyd during all the said terme […] I will that my said wyfe shall have in the new house that I nowe dwell in fyre and flett [?] sufficient at all tymes and two chambers in the upper ende of the same house that ys to saye one [???] chamber and another [???] with free egress and regresse therto at all tymes during all the term of her lyf Item I will that the saide Johanne my wyfe shall have breade and drynke sufficient for her fynding in the said howse during all the time of her lyfe and also the keeping of one cowe at proper costes and charges of the said Richard and Isabell his wyfe their heyres and assignes will and sufficiently upon the said land holding of Sharneden belonging to the said howse during all the said terme. Item I will that my [???] make unto my saide wyfe a sufficient clase of distresse for lacke of payment of the said xxs or any parte thereof Item I bequeath oute of my landes to Cristian my daughter fyve pounds of lawfull money of England yn manner and forme folowing to be paide that is to saie at the daye of her marriage xxxvys vyd and in the yere the next folowing xxxys vyd And in the third yere after her said marriage other xxxvys vyd in full sum of the said five pounds. Item if the saide Cristian happen to dye before she be married then the said fyve poundes to be bestowed in this manner five nobles to apriest to praye for my soule her soule and all xpen soules and other five nobles to the church of maughfield aforesaid and thother five nobles to be equally devyded between the said Thomas and Richard witnesses Richard lukk John Mone Gregory mtty: John Wenborn wm penkherst with others