Thomas Blanch was born in about 1710 in Gloucestershire. He married Mary Proberd at Hempsted, Gloucestershire, in 1731. Thomas Blanch was a heelmaker. He died in about 1779 in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Thomas Blanch, son of Thomas and Mary Blanch, was born in 1732, probably in Tewkesbury. He married firstly Mary Bacon, daughter of Thomas Bacon and Mary Hains, in 1753, and secondly Sarah Millard, daughter of John Millard and Esther Engley, in 1770. Thomas Blanch was a heelmaker. Sarah Blanch died in Bristol in 1779 and Thomas in 1803.

James Blanch, son of Thomas and and Mary Blanch, was born in Tewkesbury in 1755. He married firstly Jane Barlow, daughter of William and Elizabeth Barlow of Soho, Westminster, in 1779, and secondly Sophia Atkins in 1792, also in Soho. James Blanch was a patten maker. He died in Soho in 1840.

John Blanch, son of James and Sophia Blanch, was born in Holborn, London, in 1802. He married Keziah Holdsworth, daughter of John and Mary Holdsworth, in 1827. John Blanch was a shoemaker. He died in Soho, Westminster, in 1869.

Mary Ann Blanch, daughter of John and Keziah Blanch, was born in Stepney, Middlesex, in 1827. She married Daniel Roe, daughter of Daniel and Eliza Roe, in 1848. Daniel and Mary Ann both died in 1870 in Soho, Westminster.