Joseph Bowman was born in about 1760, probably in Enfield, Middlesex. He married Sarah Foreman at Enfield in 1780.

Robert Bowman, the son of Joseph and Sarah Bowman, was born in Enfield in 1801. He married Caroline Reed, daughter of William Reed and Rebecca Thippin, at St Mary’s Whitechapel in 1828. Robert Bowman worked as a labourer. He died in 1842 and Caroline Bowman died in 1875.

John Bowman, the son of Robert and Caroline Bowman, was born in Bow, Middlesex, in 1828. He married Elizabeth Jane Larke, daughter of Charles Larke and Mary Hayball, in Bethnal Green in 1851. John Bowman was an umbrella frame maker. He died in 1906 and Elizabeth Bowman died in 1910.

Louisa Bowman, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Bowman, was born in Stepney in 1856. She married Charles Edward Robb, son of William Robb and Fanny Sarah Seager, in 1877. Louisa died in 1905 and Charles Robb in 1934.