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John Gibson (1699 – 1763): an updated timeline

Some months ago, I reported my discovery that my maternal 6 x great grandfather John Gibson was a London lighterman and coal factor who was convicted of fraud against the Crown and imprisoned in the Fleet. This new information enables … Continue reading

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‘The King against John Gibson’

In my last post I discussed what Mary Gibson’s two written declarations tell us about the life of her late husband John, my 6 x great grandfather, who died in 1763. In brief, we learn that an ‘extent’, or writ … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Gibson: a life in Georgian England

I’ve written a fair amount, under various headings, about my great-great-great-great-great grandmother Elizabeth Holdsworth, formerly Collins, née Gibson, who was born in 1733 and died in 1809. However, I thought it might be helpful to put everything we know about … Continue reading

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Sarah Schofield, previously Hone, née Stallard?

In an earlier post, I reported some new findings about William and Sarah Schofield of Barkingside, Essex, who were my great-great-great-great-grandparents. Their daughter Mary Ann (1802 – 1887) married John Felix Londors (1785 – 1876), and their great grandson George … Continue reading

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The other children of Michael Bonner and Eleanor Trantum Sayle

When Rotherhithe mariner Michael Bonner the younger died in 1811, at the age of 43, he left a wife and at least six dependent children. Frances, probably his eldest surviving child, would have been 15, William George 14, Henry 11, … Continue reading

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William George Bonner (1795 – 1863)

In my recent posts I’ve been revisiting the Bonner family, and specifically the children and grandchildren of Captain Michael Bonner (1733 – 1802) and Frances Gibson (1735 – 1802), the latter being the sister of my 5 x great grandmother … Continue reading

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Mary Ann Bonner and John Godfrey Schwartz

In the last post I wrote about John Harker Bonner (born 1782), son of John William Bonner (1762 – 1817) and Sarah Ford (1759 – 1833). In this post, I want to summarise what we know about his sister, Mary … Continue reading

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