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Bushell, Collibee and Boulton

I’ve been revisiting the Forrest family, a branch of my maternal family tree with roots in London and Worcestershire. Thomas Forrest, a London citizen and haberdasher who died in 1678, was my 9 x great grandfather. His daughter Alice married … Continue reading

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The Worcestershire connection

I’ve been taking a break from researching my Sussex Byne ancestors, and having another look at the Forrest family. My 8 x great grandfather John Byne (1651 – 1689), who was the son of Magnus Byne (1615 – 1671), rector of … Continue reading

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Keziah Holdsworth (1804 – 1881): from Oxford to Ealing via Stepney and Soho

In the previous post I wrote about two of my maternal great-great-great-grandmothers who were first cousins: Keziah and Eliza Holdsworth. In this post I want to tell Keziah’s life story, and in another post I’ll set down what we know … Continue reading

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Some new sources of information about the Boulton family

At the weekend I discovered two new online sources that confirmed some of my speculations about the Boulton family and their connections with my Forrest ancestors. The first source was a list of London inhabitants ‘within the walls’, compiled in … Continue reading

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The Boulton family: what we do we know?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been tracing the connections between my Forrest ancestors and the Boulton family. Here is a summary of what I think we now know about these two families.  First generation Some time in the early- … Continue reading

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Edward and Elizabeth Collibee of Bath

Captain Richard Boulton the elder, of the parish of St Olave Hart Street in the City of London, signed and sealed his last will and testament on 9th April 1737. Three days later, he added the following memorandum: Whereas by … Continue reading

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Captain Richard Gosfreight

The will of Richard Boulton the elder, written in 1737, includes the following statements: I give and bequeath to my Niece Mary Gosfreight daughter of Captain Richard Gosfreight the sum of five hundred pounds of lawfull money […] I give … Continue reading

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