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A Byne timeline

To help me keep track of my emerging Byne family tree, I’ve drawn up a timeline of the births, marriages and deaths of my direct ancestors – and put them in the context of key national events. A reminder: Mary … Continue reading

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The last will and testament of John Manser, apothecary (died 1681)

As part of my continuing exploration of the Manser or Maunser family of Sussex and London, I’m returning to the will of John Manser, an apothecary in East Smithfield, Aldgate, in the mid-seventeenth century. I’m interested in John because he … Continue reading

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The family of Mary Maunser

I’ve begun to explore the Manser or Maunser family, trying to find a link between John Manser, the London apothecary and ‘kinsman’ of my 8 x great grandfather, stationer John Byne (1651 – 1689), and Mary Maunser of Sussex, who … Continue reading

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Exploring the Manser family

I’ve recently established that Magnus Byne (1615 – 1671), the rector of Clayton-cum-Keymer in Sussex and author of a famous diatribe against the Quakers, was my maternal 9 x great grandfather. He and his first wife Ann were the parents … Continue reading

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Magnus Byne and the Quakers

In recent posts I’ve established that my Byne ancestors definitely had their roots in rural Sussex. To recap: Mary Byne (born in 1683), who married goldsmith Joseph Greene, was my 7 x great grandmother. She was the daughter of John … Continue reading

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More information about my Byne ancestors

Following on from my last post, I’ve been exploring what Walter Charles Renshaw’s 1913 book about the Byne family of Sussex can tell us about my own direct ancestors. Renshaw informs us that Stephen Byne, as the eldest son of … Continue reading

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Reflections on the will of Stephen Byne (died 1675)

I’m now fairly certain that Stephen Byne, citizen and ‘upholder’ of London, who died in 1675, was the older brother of my 8 x great grandfather, citizen and stationer John Byne, who died in 1689. Stephen’s will of 1674, a … Continue reading

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