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The uncle and aunts of John Collins of Epping

Richard Collins (1693 – 1748), the Epping landowner whose will I discussed in the previous post, was the father of John Collins (born 1733), the first husband of my 5 x great grandmother Elizabeth Gibson. Richard Collins was himself the … Continue reading

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John Byne of Wadhurst (died 1614)

In my recent posts about the early generations of the Byne family of Sussex, I’ve referred several times to a certain John Byne of Wadhurst and to the fact that his exact relationship to my ancestors remains a puzzle. The … Continue reading

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Three Polhill wills

Yesterday I wrote about the links between my Sussex ancestors and the Polhill family. I noted that there were several discrepancies between the various sources for our knowledge of the Polhills. Today I want to clarify what we know about … Continue reading

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A couple of Manser wills

The other day I was lamenting the fact that we don’t seem to have wills for any of the older sons of my 12 x great grandfather, Robert Maunser of Hightown in Wadhurst, Sussex, who died in 1592. I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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Reflections on the 1592 will of Robert Maunser of Hightown

The 1592 will of Robert Maunser of Hightown, in Wadhurst, Sussex, a transcription of which I reproduced in my last post, challenges much of the received information about him and his family. So what do we learn from the will? … Continue reading

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The 1592 will of Robert Maunser of Hightown, Wadhurst

Yesterday I summarised what we know about the early generations of the Manser or Maunser family of Wadhurst, Sussex. A quick recap: Sir Robert Maunser, who lived at Hightown during the reign of Richard III, had a son and heir … Continue reading

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The last will and testament of Christopher Maunser of Hightown (died 1545)

I’ve had a copy of the will of my ancestor Christopher Maunser, who died in 1545, in my possession for some time, but I’ve held back from transcribing it, mainly because of the difficulty of deciphering its sixteenth-century script. However, … Continue reading

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