Greene, Gibson, Holdsworth, Roe

William Greene was born in about 1626. He married firstly a woman named Jane and secondly Elizabeth Elliott in 1676. He was a sea captain and warden of Trinity House. He died in 1686 in Ratcliffe, Stepney, Middlesex.

Joseph Greene, son of Captain William and Elizabeth Greene, was born in Ratcliffe, Stepney, Middlesex, in 1677. He married Mary Byne, daughter of John and Alice Byne, in 1701. Joseph Greene was a goldsmith in the parish of St Botolph, Aldgate, London. He died in 1738.

Mary Greene, daughter of Joseph and Mary Greene, was born in the parish of St Botolph, Aldgate, London in 1710. She married John Gibson in 1729. John Gibson died in 1763.

Elizabeth Gibson, daughter of John and Mary Gibson, was born in 1733 in the parish of St Botolph, Aldgate, London. She married firstly John Collins, son of Richard Collins and Jane Stoker of Epping, Essex, in 1753, and secondly Joseph Holdsworth of South Weald, Essex, son of John Holdsworth and Mary Mortimer of Yorkshire, in 1763. Joseph Holdsworth died in 1795 and Elizabeth in 1809.

William Holdsworth, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Holdsworth, was born in 1771 in South Weald, Essex. He married Lydia Evans in 1792. William Holdsworth was a shoemaker in Stepney, Middlesex, and then a carrier in London and Woodford, Essex. William died in 1827 and Lydia in 1830.

Eliza Holdsworth, daughter of William and Lydia Holdsworth, was born in 1801 in Mile End, Stepney, Middlesex. She married firstly Biggleswade shoemaker Daniel Roe in 1825 and secondly John Sharp in 1845. Eliza Holdsworth died in 1885.

Daniel Roe, son of Daniel and Eliza Roe, was born in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, in 1829. He married Mary Ann Blanch, daughter of John Blanch and Keziah Holdsworth, in 1848. Daniel Roe was a shoemaker. He probably died in 1870, the same year as Mary Ann.

Joseph Priestley Roe, son of Daniel and Mary Ann Roe, was born in Soho, Westminster, Middlesex, in 1862. He married Eliza Bailey, daughter of William and Elizabeth Bailey of East Ham, in 1883. Joseph died in 1947 and Eliza in 1949.

Minnie Louisa Roe, daughter of Joseph and Eliza Roe, was born in East Ham in 1902. She married George John Londors, son of George Londors and Sarah Ann Shaw of Ilford, in 1925. George died in 1961 and Minnie in 1987.