John Londors lived in Woodford, Essex and was married to a woman named Hannah. He may be the John Londors who married Hannah Ackerley in Spitalfields, London, in 1782. Hannah died in 1790 and John may have married Sarah Reeves in Spitalfields in 1792.

John Felix Londors, son of John and Hannah Londors, was born in Woodford, Essex, in 1785. He married firstly Elizabeth Plane in 1815 and secondly Mary Anne Schofield in 1826. John Felix Londors died in Barking, Essex in 1876.

John Schofield Londors, son of John and Mary Anne Londors, was born in 1827. He married Sarah Anne Brown in 1851. John Schofield Londors was an agricultural labourer. He died in Barking in 1915.

George Londors, son of John Schofield and Sarah Londors, was born in Barking in 1863. He married Sarah Ann Shaw in 1896. George worked as a grave digger. He died in 1934.

George John Londors, son of George and Sarah Londors, was born in Ilford in 1896. He married Minnie Louisa Roe, daughter of Joseph Priestley and Eliza Roe, in 1925. George worked as a cemetery gardener. He died in 1961.

Joyce Londors, daughter of George and Minnie Londors, was born in East Ham in 1933. She married Peter Robb, son of Arthur and Mary Robb, in 1955.